Here at Bassendean Optical, we search the market for the latest and greatest technology in spectacle lenses, and make sure these are available at your disposal. We have access to all the reputable lens-making companies throughout the world, including Essilor, Hoya, Rodenstock and Carl Zeiss, amongst others. Our knowledgable staff then work hard to find a tailor-made solution suitable for your individual needs.

This solution may include:


Single Vision Lenses

Lenses with one focal power throughout the whole lenses, used to cater for one particular area of focus, whether that be in the distance, up close, or for computer.

Progressive Lenses

Lenses that provide clear vision in many areas of focus, including objects in the distance, reading up close, and a smooth transition for everything in between.

Extended Focus Lenses

Lenses providing a larger area of comfortable vision, particularly in home and office use, catering for computer, tabletop, and reading needs.


Lenses that have the ability to convert into sunglasses when outdoors, but remain clear like normal glasses, indoors.

Images supplied by Essilor and Transitions.