Soft Contact


Soft Contact Lenses are becoming increasingly popular, with many different options available to patients today. Here at Bassendean Optical, we'll keep you up to date on what is the latest and the greatest in the soft contact lens industry. These include:
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses :
Single use soft contact lenses, providing maximum convenience for patients with no need for lens care and maintenance
Fortnightly/Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses:
Soft contact lens designed to be used over a longer interval, usually with nightly removal and maintence, designed to be more cost effective for heavy users of contacts. These contact lenses come in options of 14-day or 30-day replacement intervals. Some of these may even be worn overnight, up to 30 days consecutively, alternatively called extended wear contact lenses.
Toric Contact Lenses
For patients with astigmatism up to approximately 2 dioptres
Multifocal/Monovision Contact Lenses
Patients with advancing age often find difficulty in reading, leading to the prescription of reading glasses. However, new soft contact lens designs allow for clear distance and near vision without the need for wearing any spectacles at all!
Video Tutorial of Insertion and Removal of Soft Contact Lenses